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Why I Choose Premium WordPress Theme For My Website

Free Theme


  • It's totally FREE of charge!
  • Easy To Upload & Use


  • Minimum features and functionality
  • Design is not unique 
  • Limited or no support
  • No documentation for the theme
  • Lack customization for your website


Having a free WordPress theme definitely lowers the barrier entry for you to start a blog. However when you get the hang of using WordPress for your business/blog, you would like to have more features that helps your website stand out and look more professional. Read on to find out why I rather pay for a template. 

Premium Theme


  • Many functionalities and customization for your website to look professional 
  • Far superior quality and build
  • Support and documentation from install, setup to questions. 
  • Features rich but most are build with speed in mind
  • More unique designed
  • Regular updates to keep your theme secure and compatible with WordPress versions
  • Mostly Responsive (no problem with tablet/desktop/phone)


  • It cost! Generally reasonable price. Some can be quite pricey
  • No checks done and some can be poorly coded with too much unnecessary features  


Paid premium templates are created so that you can start your online adventures swift and safe. By now you should have know the difference between a professional website template and its free “equivalent.” Now it is your call. Make the right decision and let the premium website templates be your guides in this storming Internet world.


-= The Red Flag Alert =-

Do NOT download a theme that is supposed to cost and offered you free of charge!

Genuine free themes that are found in WordPress are safe. Do note that some black-hat users will tampered with a premium theme (codes, adding links that benefit them) and offered you for free. Don't fall for that or your rankings might be affected!!! 


Where To Buy WordPress Themes

These marketplaces listed below are purchased, tested and use by me. I will not recommend or review stuffs that I have NEVER tried before, so rest assure that they are safe and speedy! Get yours today too!

  • StudioPress - One of the most popular and high quality templates you can find in the market
  • Envato - Tons of quality themes, most suitable for website builders
  • HappyThemes - Great affordable themes for all. I have all their themes with lifetime updates

For full review of the top 5 best premium WordPress Marketplace Click Here

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